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Husband of the Week

Monday, March 16, 2009

This week "___" = Husband!

This week is all about the best husband ever: Blake Green! on March 15, 2009 Blake turned the big 26. (we're all very excited)

Blake is the most amazing husband I ever could have hoped for. I have never met anyone so loving and devoted or anyone so hilarious and fun. My husband is perfect for me, and I am amazed everyday at how absolutely blessed I am to have him in my life... to have him forever.

I love you so very much, my Blake.

enjoy this week! Its all about you!!!!

~ PG
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  1. Happy Birthday Blake...
    But who gets to be Husband of the Week next week?

  2. hahaha! Its "___" of the week, so the "___" will change next week. But I have a pretty good idea who will get "husband" of the week next year around this time!

  3. happy bday blake! 25+ is a weird time...

  4. oooh! i like the first image all back-lit and stuff!

  5. Julianna3/19/2009

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY BLAKE!! dont you miss the days of combined birthday parties with shannon... st. patties day themed?! haha hope it was a good one!!

  6. What a wonderful post! Happy birthday week to Blake!


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