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Drink of the Week

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

This weeks "___" = Drink

Ok, so I have a new sweet treat obsession. Blended Strawberry Lemonade from Starbucks. Can you say YUMMY?! While out on our superbly fantastic shoot this past Saturday in Down Town Fullerton with the very talented, VERY beautiful Amy, it was getting pretty stinking hot. we stopped for a cool treat and for the first time I ordered the STRAWBERRY blended lemonade...I had a mini food-gasm right then and there. I'm gonna have a hard time not spending a great deal of money on the cool, sweet, tangy goodness...

in honor of my new taste bud loving obsession, we are giving away a $5 Starbucks card! just comment with your favorite drink and why you love love love it! The winner will be chosen next Friday...

So lets hear it! what makes you drool?

~ PG
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  1. Ha ha! It used to be a Venti, Nonfat Mocha, Easy Whip and Extra HOT! Now, it is a Decaf Coffee with ROOM! So you don't have to break the bank when you buy my drink! :)

  2. Anonymous5/20/2009

    Ohhh yummy I am thinking this will also be my new favorite - must try - I still enjoy plain old cold joe Ü


  3. I love vanilla, so give me a grande Iced Vanilla Latte and I'm a happy girl. Coffee Bean and Tea leafs Ice Blended Vanilla is actually my favoritest in the whole wide world.

  4. My favorite starbucks drink would be the Vanilla frappe!! If it's a non-starbucks drink...I love the sugar-free Peach Ice Tea at CPK! It's so yummy and it's sugar free!!!

  5. do you guys have Bahama Bucks in CA? I love me some strawberry Colada from there.

  6. For a less expensive, similarly tangy & sweet treat, try the Organic Strawbery Lemonade from Trader Joe's. If you blend that up with some ice, I think it's tastier than the ole Starbucks version. Couple pluses: 1) It's organic! Woo! 2) You can enjoy one on your own time. :o)

    Xs & Os,
    A passerby and friend of a friend

  7. I think you should write an essay on peppermint hot chocolate frozen frappuchinos now....


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