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Personal: Name our newest addition!

Tuesday, May 05, 2009

~We have a new little one~

No, not a baby! a puppy! a 6 month old Westie-shi tzu mix, to be exact. We fell in love with this little guy yesterday and as we played with him in the special "Trap you with their cuteness" puppy play room, there was no way we could leave with out him! He is such a cuddler and oh so sweet.
Mose, our cat, isn't as frazzled as we thought hed be. Hes still not all that into our pup, but hes curious and we're totally sure they'll be playing together in no time!
The only problem our newest addition presents is: we can decide on a name!!! So, being the all Americans we are, we decided to take it to the people! Take a look at our handsome pup and vote for a name!


~ PG
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