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Sara + Ed's Wedding: Orange County Wedding Photographer

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Do you remember my cousin Sara and her fiancé Ed? Well they are now Mr. and Mrs.! It was a beautiful ceremony right on the beach, totally casual and totally perfect. Sara was glowing (partly in thanks to the makeup perfection of Athena Gorospe, remember her?) and Ed, though continually cool, was beaming. The flowers were stunning and the cake (created by The Cake Shop) was so ridiculously tasty. After the reception traditions, they had these awesome Polynesian dancers (complete with coconut bras, grass skirts, and fire) perform dances from a variety of islands. It was one of the most fun receptions we have ever attended.
Above all, the bride and groom were beautiful and their love apparent!

I am so very thrilled for Sara and Ed! Their wedding went off without a hitch and Their life together stated off perfectly.
We want to thank you two for allowing us to be a part of your perfection, and we wish you an eternity of bliss!
We love you!!!!

~ PG
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Happy Anniversary to US! <3

Friday, September 18, 2009

Though this post is a little late, We just wanted to celebrate our 3rd anniversary with all you blog-readers!

We were sealed together in the Newport Beach LDS Temple on September 16, 2006. We were both totally calm and 100% ready to begin the rest our lives. Below are some of our wedding images, captured by the dynamic duo of Amelia and Justin Lyon.


Paige and Blake: The Wedding from Paige Green on Vimeo.

We also wanted to share these:


(a song written for Paige from Blake shortly after their engagement)


(a poem written for Blake from Paige on November 8, 2006, shortly after their marriage)

Flowing like spills

Rushing through time

Racing down life with your han in mine

Dizzy from kisses

Fainting from fights

Picking up glances and washing them white

Sweeping up habits

Mopping up clout

Rinsing them off and or throwing them out

Knowing our time

Is flying like birds

Loving each other with iron clad words

Slipping and tripping

and standing up tall

Having s0oft places whenever we fall

Hearing my touches

and feeling my moods

Knowing you nourish me better than foods

Sanctity calling

Divinity near

Covenants ringing our fingers and ears

Knowing you always Loving you strong

Lie in my arms, they're where you belong

Thank you for taking the time to help our celebrate our bliss!!!

~ PG &BG

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Jared, Hudson, Cash: Orange County Child Photographer

Tuesday, September 08, 2009

We love photographing children. They're so truthful and authentic... and sometimes impossible to pose or in any other way to be made anything but absolutely and 100% themselves. Enter: Jared, Hudson and Cash. Oh my goodness, they are are ca-razy! Absolutely everything little boys should be!
We shot at their beautiful home/ranch and the boys were more than happy to shows us the grounds and all of their toys. It was so nice being in a place where our subjects were so comfortable! I think it assists in the ease and natural images shot.
Anyway, as I said before, I adore photographing children and this shoot was no exception:

My favor-eeto! (doesn't he look like Tommy Pickles?)

Too cute, huh? Thank you to the boys and their parents for opening up their home to us and for creating such a loving and comfortable environment for our shoot and for their family!

~ PG
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Rebecca+Ed: Shoreline Village Engagement Photography

Friday, September 04, 2009

Today I thought I'd let the beautiful images speak for themselves and keep my commentary to myself (Blake says I post too much of it). let me know if you like this format better.

(Don't forget to check out their slide show!)



Click Here

Rebecca and Ed, you two are lovely and we are so excited to shoot your wedding!!! Congratulations and good luck!

~ PG

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