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Rebecca + Ed: Married - Orange County Wedding Photographer

Friday, October 16, 2009

Do you remember Rebecca and Ed? –The happily engaged couple who also happen to be my old coworkers from Fairmont- Well, they tied the knot (literally) on September 19, 2009. (Woo hoo!)

It was such an intimate ceremony, made even more special by the fact that Rebecca’s father officiated. AND I learned the origin of the phrase “tie the knot”: Part of the Marriage ceremony used to consist of the hands of the bride and groom being bound to one another by, you guessed it, tying a knot! Thanks for the lesson Ed and Rebecca! –

I absolutely adore this ceremony shot!

"Tying the knot"

Paige's Favorite from the day!

Blake's fave!

Rebecca and Ed, We truly did have such a great time at your wedding (and it was so great to see the Fairmont peeps again.)

We wish you all the joy in the world!

~ PG

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  2. Sylvanda10/16/2009

    Very beautiful, happy couple! Nice job, Greens!


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