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Amy and Andrew : Orange County Wedding Photographer

Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Amy and Andrew were our TGPPEBSECG winners. Their love story and sweet spirits touched us deeply, and we could not have been more happy with our decision.
I always get teary at weddings. I absolutely love them! I am always so excited and nervous for the new couple and moved by love when it is so obvious and filling. But at Amy and Andrew's wedding, I was absolutely bawling. their joy and their love, not only for each other, but also for their two little ones is sweet and almost overwhelming to witness. I left that evening with a buzz - an emotional high.
(thanks Amy and Drew!)

I love this moment!

Blake's fave!

Paige's fave!

And lets not forget their slideshow!


Thanks to Amy, Andrew and their friends and family that were so much fun to work with and photograph! We truly hope we get to work with that group again. You guys are awesome!

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P.S. Heidi's senior session up next!


  1. Kendra Leal11/04/2009

    Oh my gosh!!! The pictures are AMAZING!!! Wonderful job! You both have a great eye and are super talented! = D

  2. Amy Takii11/04/2009

    You guys were so AMAZING! I could not have asked for more beautiful pictures it made me feel like I was there again and I am crying like a baby lol! THANK YOU SO MUCH AGAIN!!!! YOUR WORK IS THE BEST EVER

  3. I haven't seen Amy in so long! I am so happy for her. They look beautiful!!

  4. I haven't seen Amy in so long! They look beautiful!!!

  5. ok. I didn't know you approved comments.

    Now you get 3.
    Paigeyyy! Fig newtons!

  6. Absolutly amazing shots Paige and Blake! Can't wait to see em all in the proofs! You guys made the whole photo op experience fun! Thanks for being so good to my bro and new sis!


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