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Freesia + Jordan | Reception | Wedding | Backyard | Whittier, CA

Monday, December 20, 2010

Oh the lovely details of the Reception...

Isn't this cake fantabulous? Freesia's sister is a very talented in the dessert arts!

Very tasty nibbles from The Avocado House.


My view of the mid-air toss and Blake's view of the flower fling. :D

This is Vance. Vance was the very first Green I met. Vance is my bestest friend. (aside from my Blake, of course)

Freesia's brother gave a very nice toast.

I ADORE this image of Freesia (the baby of the family) giving her big brother a hug after his loving words of congratulations.

Yeah… totally made for each other.

They're Ferkin Amazing.

… and this, ladies and gentlemen… is how Green men dance…

Dancing with Grandpa. *love*

I am so stoked they're my family.

We love you.

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Freesia + Jordan | Romantics | Wedding | Backyard | Whittier, CA

Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Perfect light + gorgeous couple + green wall = Awesome-ocity.
(see below for pictorial definition)

LOVELOVELOVE Freesia's bouquet. It was so full and natural.

Green Good-looks just * BAM * smack you the face like with their goodlookingness. (That includes marriedGreen ladies too)

So much love. So dizzingly happy for them.

UP NEXT: The Reception

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Freesia + Jordan | Ceremony | Wedding | Backyard | Whittier, CA

Monday, December 06, 2010

Jordan and Freesia were married outside in absolute perfect light and under a beautiful sky.
They each stood with their fathers before the ceremony: Freesia's father walking her down the aisle, and Jordan's Father waiting to marry the lovely couple.

Yeah. I cried. It was awesome.

I absolutely adore this shot.

A great big "holla!" to Kara of Kara Rush Photography for shooting the family portraits so Blake and I could get in on the family love. Thank you Kara!

Best. Sibling shot. Ever.

UP NEXT: A small taste of the Romantics.

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Freesia + Jordan | Getting Ready | Wedding | Backyard | Whittier, CA

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Jordan and Freesia prepped for their wedding in their seperate homes.
Both were cool as cucumbers.
(except for when I said Jordan's hair was funky, he was a little panicked until he verified his handsomeness in the mirror. . . I was totally kidding, by the way.)

They both looked absolutely fantastic.

Freesia did her own wedding makeup and nails. So very stunning.

The (gorgeous) dress was is a David's Bridal creation, with sleeves and ribbon added. I love those personal touches!

I'm not quite sure what was going on here, but I love Freesia's face.

Freesia wore a single freesia in her hair. Mom helped her get it in snug. Another adorable detail I love!

UP NEXT: The Ceremony

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