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Family Portraits in the Rain : Orange County Photographer

Friday, January 22, 2010

Its true that the elements can occasionally get in the way of a shoot: it can be so hot its unhealthy, or so windy you can barely stand, but did you think you had to cancel your shoot because of a little rain? Not so, my friend! We had an amazingly great (and slightly wet) time photographing the beautiful Allred family! We headed down to the Train station with umbrellas and bribes of doughnuts in tow and everything came out looking beauty. Observe:
Thank you to the Allreds for coming out in the rain and waring those awesome layers! (didn't they look great?) When you know love, you can see it in any weather! (and they have TONS... of love, not weather...)

Thanks again, and don't forget, their slideshow is coming soon! (any 3 minute song suggestions?)

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  1. WOW!!! I loved it! They were rockin' the hats and the flowers too. Very sweet! So glad the weather didn't getcha down.

  2. Anonymous2/03/2010

    Great session! I was pretty shocked when I saw my optometrist in the photos! :-)


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