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Fun with Film - Orange county photographer

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

What happens when you take slide film, shoot it in your back yard, then process it with chemicals made for negative film?
You get the color explosion below. Please keep in mind that I have not altered the color of the images in any way. All I've done is scan the image and add our watermark.

I've missed film so very much! And, although Blake took all of the images above, I've had some fun of my own,
(once he decided to share the Minolta!)
It brought back memories from my first photography class in 7th grade.
(can't you just smell the fixer?)

Cross processing our film, though its a very old trick, has made incorperating film into our shooting oh-so much sweeter!

If you dig these, let us know and we'll post more as we shoot!
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