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Katite + Rhett (part 1) : Newport Beach LDS Temple Wedding

Saturday, April 17, 2010

We adore shooting at the beautiful grounds of the Newport Beach LDS Temple, and we adore shooting lovely people in love. So, needless to say, this wedding was absolutely adorable! So much so, that I needed to break it up into 2 parts. There was just too much awesome for one post!

First, let me introduce you to our new assistant, Jessie (love her!), who also happens to be sporting the Flip (love it!) and our new ShootSac cover (love it more!)
(isn't she a cutie?)

Remember how beautiful Katie is and how very handsome Rhett is?
Yeah, I didn't think it was possible, but they have somehow become even cuter together! I am also so very impressed with Katie. She had her dress custom made (isn't it beautiful?), and she did her own hair and makeup (ladies, you should seriously hit her up for all your beauty needs). The lovely floweres were arranged by a family friend, and I was totally in love with her bridesmaid's classic black dresses.

Ok, now for the gold: Katie + Rhett's Wedding Story (the first part of it anyway).

We totally dug this amazing couple and their desire to capture all the lovely of their day!
Katie and Rhett, we hope you're having a great time on your honeymoon, and we can't wait tosee you two again!

(part 2 and the slideshow coming next Saturday!)

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  1. Anonymous4/17/2010

    Rhett and Katie's wedding pictures look so good! Katie was a model bride and Rhett looks so handsome. P.S. - I love that you have Ingrid Michaelson on your site!

  2. Wow. Katie looks so beautiful! I'm so impressed with her. She really is a model and the camera really loves her, and the both of them. Beautiful pictures you guys.

  3. Beautiful photos of our Katie-Nana! You did an awesome job.

  4. Kayleen4/24/2010

    Absolutely beautiful photos! Good job. Katie and Rhett look marvelous. So glad the roses opened up for her. Everything is just beautiful!


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