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Amanda + Spencer Married - Part Two: LDS Cultural Hall Reception

Saturday, July 17, 2010

After portraits at the Temple, we had a quick break then headed to the reception. It was held in the same church building where Amanda and Spencer met and began courting (awww!)
It was absolutely lovely, and the effort by both families clearly shown.
The traditions went off without a hitch! (highlight: Amanda rocking out to "Girls Just Wann Have Fun" before tossing the bouquet)
The first dance was perfect! Amanda and Spencer floated and laughed and were beautiful.
As for the Father Daughter dance - I couldn't help shedding tears. It was sweet and touching. A very tender moment to witness.

With the last minute touches of their fabulous Disney Ears, Amanda and Spencer were showered with birdseed and fled the party.

*And as bonus* - Amanda and Spencer's wedding has been featured on Ever Ours!

Check it out HERE.

UP NEXT: The Photo+Booth and Slideshow!

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  1. This is how my first comment (that got deleted) went and which is still applicable to this post as well as the original one I tried to comment on...

    THATS MY RING! THATS MY RING! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE SEND ME A PICTURE OF MY RING PAIGEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AHHHHHHH I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I have to know! WHere did they buy it!!! I have to send my boyfriend there!!! AHHHHH!

    :) (hope you didn't go deaf there with the shrieking...)

  2. Awww, so cute with the Disney ears!!! I also have to comment, MAN whoever wrote that card at the top has some pretty awesome handwriting, I mean GEEZ! Lovely, lovely and crazy unique cake!

  3. Anonymous7/19/2010

    I love these photos! Very talented!!


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