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In My Bag: a summary of Paige

Monday, August 02, 2010

I thought I'd share a bit of me.
allow me to introduce...

1. My Purse.
I love my bag. Seriously, I have a major "purse" fetish, but this has to be my favorite bag ever. I found Fantella on Etsy, and asked her if she could make a lips/mustache bag (my most recent obsession since we started our Photo+Booth). She well surpassed my expectations. I love the hobo style and the double snaps. the tiny pocket inside and the fact that this bag is absolutely ONE OF A KIND!

2. My Wallet
Another fabulous Etsy find. (but she has her own store too). I wanted something with our mini logo (P+B) on it. Its personal, and I think of Blake when I see it. :D
I emailed Quiet Doing and she said it was no problem at all! Then after I ordered my bag, I asked if she could slap a stache and some lips on the back so they would match. Again, not a problem. Much like my bag, I was thrilled with the quality of the wallet and the uniqueness that is all mine.

3. My Phone
I know the iPhone is all the rage, but I cannot stand AT&T. I thought I was getting the poor man's iPhone when we went for the HTC Droid, but I was so wrong! I love my phone.
(and yes, that is Buster on the front. Call it puppy love)

4. Mini Notebook
I needed something small to take notes when I meet with clients, but I really don't dig the mini spiral note pad. Paper Pastries to the rescue.

5. Mini Change Purse
As much as I love my wallet, there is very minimal space for change. Wild Mustangs keeps change off the bottom of my rockin' purse and ready to spend when I feel like a jawbreaker or temporary tattoo.

6. Extra Card Wallet
I have so many random membership and business cards I need a place to store them.
The oldest thing in my wallet, I bought this over 5 years ago when I worked at Franklin Covey. They don't make this style anymore, but basically everything that comes from that store is quality. (and yes, that's my PPA membership card)

7. Business Card Wallet
Its so light but carries over 100 business cards. I love it. And I love In Blue. An rad person who make rad thingies. I use the wallet to hold both P+B business cards and the LDS Bride business cards.

8. Um……
Yeah, perhaps its inappropriate to include this, but its a total life save and embarrassment avoider.

9. Vintage Barbie Glasses Case
Bought it HERE. It adds a bit of "Pink" to my bag and makes me feel 7 years old again.

10. Retainer
Yeah… I my braces have been off for less than a year. That means I carry these bad boys with me everywhere I go. (Buster found it one night and chewed the crap out of the corner)

11. Mirror
Gotta have on in your bag! Mine was created by How Nice on Etsy.

12. My Favorite Perfume
Its Sugar Lemon and was purchased at Sephora a few years ago. Its fresh and citrusy. The very best "every day" perfume ever. (they've changed the bottle since I bought mine)

13. MK Makeup
I admit it freely - I adore MaryKay makeup. I wont use anything else. (I even sell it for the 50% discount!)

So that's it! I hope you enjoyed this sneak peek into my life.

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  1. Hi Paige!

    I saw your link on here from the b school. I love this post! So personal and fun. I'm off to check out your etsy links. I also love #8, such a good idea!

  2. Hi Paige! I also followed you here from [b] school. I love your bag! I'm a bag addict myself and love etsy for the fun and funky things I can find there. I had a bag custom-made for me by Paulina Carcach at etsy. Even got my camera strap at etsy! I have a camera insert that fits into any of my larger-sized bags because I like to change it up OFTEN. :D


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