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Kara + Scott | Reception | Wedding | The Queen Mary | Long Beach, CA

Friday, October 22, 2010

Kara and Scott's reception was a blast!
A total party from start to finish. (sprinkled with tender moments and tasty cake.)

I was completely loving the DIY details Kara added to the reception.

Ok, these cake-pops were a serious mouthgasm.  Amazingly delicious.

Toasts were made by friends and family.

The first dance was tender and sweet.

All day Scott was gently touching and kissing Kara. Love is such a beautiful thing to witness

Red velvet cake? um, yes please!

I seriously love the vintage suit case detail.

Then it was time to boogie!

There was a conga line? Heck yes there was.

An ode to Scott, in the form of a ring shot.

PHOTO+BOOTH! It was seriously my favorite part of the reception.

Someone decided the newlyweds should be raised up on chairs held precariously by their slightly intoxicated male friends.

Best. Idea. Ever.

Reception group photo!

I'm almost sad to see Kara + Scott week come to an end. This wedding was epic and we are so very thrilled and honored to have been a part of it.

Kara and Scott, you are two fabulous people and we wish you a lifetime of happiness that comes from parties as rad as your reception.

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  1. Kara and Scott week was SO fun! When I opened up the first post Mike was standing behind me and said, "Hey! That's Scott." I guess they worked together hanging Christmas lights one winter!


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