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Freesia + Jordan | Getting Ready | Wedding | Backyard | Whittier, CA

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Jordan and Freesia prepped for their wedding in their seperate homes.
Both were cool as cucumbers.
(except for when I said Jordan's hair was funky, he was a little panicked until he verified his handsomeness in the mirror. . . I was totally kidding, by the way.)

They both looked absolutely fantastic.

Freesia did her own wedding makeup and nails. So very stunning.

The (gorgeous) dress was is a David's Bridal creation, with sleeves and ribbon added. I love those personal touches!

I'm not quite sure what was going on here, but I love Freesia's face.

Freesia wore a single freesia in her hair. Mom helped her get it in snug. Another adorable detail I love!

UP NEXT: The Ceremony

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Freesia + Jordan | Portraits | Engagement | Craig Park | Brea, CA

Monday, November 29, 2010

Very special engagement session! Jordan is Blake's oldest brother and that means hes relatively awesome. Freesia is Jordan's love, and shes made of awesome too.

Oh, and they're both beautiful people. :D

Freesia got carried away...

I told them to just act natural… so as I was shooting the rainbows, Freesia stuck her foot in Jordan's face. If that isn't the sign of healthy, lasting relationship, then I don't know what is.

Do you adore the "Spooning Spoon"? It was created especially for us by Beach House Living on Etsy.

I love Freesia's ring. Its so feminine and lovely.

The Green's are cuddly folk.

How awesome was that?
Just wait till you see their fabulous, backyard wedding!

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Matt + Michelle | Ceremony | Wedding | Orcutt Ranch | Los Angeles, CA

Thursday, November 04, 2010

Matt and Michelle's ring cermony was held at the Orcutt Ranch, just before their reception.
The entire setting was absolutely stunning!

These moments make me choke up every time!

(This little cutie was like this the entire wedding! It was fabulous.)

Michelle had a little trouble with Matt's ring...

… but no problem with his kisses!

On to the toasts and the reception!

UP NEXT: Matt and Michelle's Reception

CeremonyLos Angeles LDS Temple
Reception: Orcutt Ranch
PhotographyPaige + Blake
BeautyWhitney S.
CateringStone Fire Grill
DJ: Don Frankel Entertainment

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Matt + Michelle | Romantics | Wedding | LA Temple + Orcutt Ranch | Los Angeles, CA

Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Matt and Michelle are the absolute best kind of Bride and Groom.
And this is why: They scheduled their Sealing and ring ceremony many hours apart so we would have ample time for portraits and group photos.
We were able to try new locations, have the couple get used to being in front of the camera and capture all the love as the realisation of being Sealed to one another for the rest of eternity began to sink in to Matt and Michelle.

I'm pretty sure the one on the right is my favorite "Moroni" shot… ever.

Michelle was a crack up!

Isn't Michelle stunning?! Most of that is genetics, but Whitney S helped. (and Matt's lovely too.)

Off to Orcutt Park!

Mr. and Mrs!

UP NEXT: Matt and Michelle's Ring Ceremony

Ceremony: Los Angeles LDS Temple
Reception: Orcutt Ranch
Photography: Paige + Blake
Beauty: Whitney S.
Catering: Stone Fire Grill
DJ: Don Frankel Entertainment

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