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Friday, April 22, 2011

We are well into our second trimester and our little baby boy is growing nicely!
I had the privilege of receiving my first Mother's Day presents from Blake… a beautiful Mother's necklace created by Eclectic Wendy Designs on Etsy.

I knew I wanted something with Blake and I at the base and that I could add to as our family continued to grow. Wendy did a fabulous job deciphering my vague descriptions into a beautiful necklace.

Wendy so talented, isn't she? The Main disk says "P+B" with our wedding date around the bottom. There is a smaller disk with our baby's name engraved on it. When we have more children, we can simply add more small disks. I love it!

So, what is our little one's name? Ready for it? Here it is!

Yup, our little boy will be named Kaleb.
Kaleb Eugene (after my father and grandfather) Green
Notice we're spelling Kaleb with a "K"… Blake thought of that, now it contains the same letters as Blake! Go ahead, check… see! I love it and Blake's giddy about it, so its set in stone… or set in metal.

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1 comment:

  1. supa cute! And so glad you committed to Kaleb because I really liked that name!


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