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N'tima + Steven | Ceremony | Wedding | Joseph Smith Memorial Building | Salt Lake City

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

N'tima and Steven's wedding ceremony took place in the Joseph Smith Memorial building.
With N'tima's gradfather as their officient and vows personally written by the couple, the cermony was both intimate and emotion filled.

Basically Beauty.
It was Beauty.

N'tima's aunt (with the assistance of a class she teaches) created all the florals for N'tima and Steven's wedding. They were so beautifully done, and it was such a lovely gift for the couple.
N'tima's gratitude and love were so sincere and apparent.

Steven's youngest brother rocked the ring pillow.

After the cermony, every single person was either crying or laughing. This couple brings out the best in all. We so love them... you just can't help it!

There was joy everywhere!
(This was one of the missionaires that taught and baptised Steven into the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. Hes all done serving now, so that "N'tima hug" is totally kosher.)

TOMORROW: N'tima and Steven - Family and Attendents

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  1. I almost started crying whilst reading & reliving the day.
    you are so good, paige (and blake.)

  2. Anonymous4/26/2011

    Lovely pictures!
    Her dress was beyond beautiful!

  3. Brenda4/26/2011

    Absolutely stunning.

    Love this couple so much. <3

  4. This is absolutely beautiful and amazing. Paige and Blake, you guy did such a wonderful job with these photos and capturing the emotion. So beautiful.


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