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N'tima + Steven | Romantics | Wedding | Joseph Smith Memorial Building | SLC, Utah

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Oh the snowy beauty that is this Romantics session!

N'tima and Steven are a fantastically good-looking couple to begin with, but put them in the white brilliance in their lovely and hip wedding garb, and its purely photo-gasmic.

Are you digging the Lego tie tack? Blake adored it!

Oh, N'tima, you are so very lovely.

Steven was all smiles on his wedding day (except for when he was all tears…)


This is where the trouble starts...

Uh oh….

Yup… the dress just ripped at the zipper. (hence the short wardrobe change for attendant images while the dress was being fixed)

N'tima's such a trooper though! She agreed and even insisted on finishing up the set. And her dress remained completely drool worthy, ripped seem and all!

Image above to the right is now a gallery wrap displayed in our office. Thankyouverymuch!

Twiggy-branches = love.
Snowy-Twiggy-branches = undying devotion and trigger happy fingers.

Hello, beauties.

We ended the night in front of the Salt Lake Temple. So beautiful, especially at night!

LOVE the lights in these two.
(Slow down your shutter speed and let the world spin!)



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1 comment:

  1. Adrienne O.4/28/2011

    Favorite couple and favorite wedding by far. These people are gorgeous. And her eyes! I'm swooning.


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