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Monday, January 30, 2012


I have been photographing this amazing family for about 5 years now.
and every year they seem to get more and more awesome...


I actually used to be a Nanny/ Mommy's Helper to those three.

I started when the twins (youngest boy and girl) were only 5 months old.
She was a daddy's-little-girl then too.

These two are a couple of the absolutely best parents I have every met. Half of what I do with Kaleb is from watching this amazing mom with her babies. 

This is how a normal day goes...
They're a little crazy...

Then they chill out for about five minutes (this is actually when the youngest boy plots his next move)

Then they're even crazier (but still somehow maintain they're awesomeness).




Holy Molie, this child is adorable! 

She is very much a little girl... a little girl who can beat up her brothers.

Oldest doing a cartwheel. (He was my best little friend about 5 years ago.)

And here they are together! We love you so much. :D

UP NEXT: The T. Family

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