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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Time for another flash back post!

This wedding had my heart.
One of my very best friends from high school found her love and this was the day they promised to always be together.

I was also giant preggers and kind of emotional. :D

Loved Britt's sparkly shoes.

Britt's dad was such a brave little toaster. He adores his little girl.

Britt's younger brother and his friends performed beautifully for Brittany and Ryan during their ceremony.

Crazy wedding party, my friends. A crazy wedding party.

Look at these ladies! 

Oh Ryan, you jokester... 

love love love this shot!


When we were in high school, I pulled out a bottle of black nail polish and insisted my friend paint her nails
... I'm pretty sure Brittany's nails have been black ever since.
I LOVE that she decided to go black french for her wedding. No conforming for Brittany! She is who she is. (and she is wonderful)

Lovely wedding hair

Such a beauty.

Do you dig Ryan's ring? 

The Military tie clip

and lucky cuff links.

Ryan, you are one handsome devil

Right before their grand entrance.
This moment make me tear up even now
(and I'm not even pregnant!) 

So sweet.
UP NEXT : Brittany and Ryan's reception!

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  1. I love all of your guy's work, and I LOVE the new blog you're on! I'm so glad LDS bride came around just in time for my wedding planning!


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