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Brittany and Ryan | Reception | Wedding | Shanghai Reds

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Party time was CA-RAZY!

I love their little flutes. Its like their drinks have cloths. Clever. 

First dance (caught them dance floor smooching! People got in trouble for this at prom)

"We are the champions."

I love the Maid of Honor's toast. They have known each other since kindergarten!
When I met them in high school, their parents kept pretending different people belonged to the other family.
I was confused for so long.

Brittany's family did more of a skit than a toast.
(Do you see why I adore them so much?!)

They made fun of Britt for waring vans instead of fancy wedding heels... then they joined her!

Father daughter dace... the funny beginnings

and the most beautiful of endings.
This is, without question, my absolute favorite father/daughter image, aside from images from my own wedding.
Mother/Son is always less emotional, more fun.
Can you dig this cake?
Hello Ducks fan!

He was a little rude.

She was crazy.

but they "opa"ed all the same.

Check the darling heard diamond
(I remember sitting on my couch at my dad's house with Britt looking at jewelers sites finding heart diamond settings )


the excited recipients. 

the exit


last hugs before the honeymoon.

Oh how we love you two! I know its almost your anniversary, but it honestly feels like about two minutes ago. Your happiness makes me happy. 


I also HAD to share their wedding film by the talented Dave Neeley

He also made a pretty cool "dance mix"

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