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Jules and Rick | Exit, Maids and Men | Wedding | LA LDS Temple

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Jules and Rick were sealed in the Los Angles LDS Temple on a beautiful Saturday morning.

Since Julianna is a very close Green family friend, we had lots of family in from out of town and the entire day was just filled with joy.

(It also happened to be Julianna's older sister, Joy's, anniversary)

I love this one. 

Large party. Awesome party.

Julianna's ladies all chose their own dress and shoes in coordinating colors

So. Beauty. Full.

Julianna's gift to her lovely ladies

hello gents

UP NEXT: The Romantics (my favorite set!)

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Mommy Group Kids | Child Portraits | Mini Session | In the Park

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

I love mommy groups. 
I honestly wish I had more time to go to the outings,  because whenever I do I have so much fun!
This Mommy Group in particular plans some good times.

I was fortunate enough to shoot a mini session at a local park for this awesome group of ladies and their adorable kidlets. 

Baby Lincoln | Cleaning and Bonding | Birth Photography | California

Thursday, July 19, 2012

After this little tyke was born, he was quickly checked out and cleaned up , while mama was seen to and stitched up. 

Look at that face!

Such a big boy!
(and, yes, I fuzzed his manly bits)

He seemed so "put out". He as comfy where he was!

I love that he got his little foot prints done right away!
(yes, I fuzzed them out here too)

Becky was so ready to hold him

Daddy, Mommy and Lincoln : The first family portrait. 

I love this one.
Lincoln: "Hey, I know you! You're mom."

Mommy feeding Lincoln

Daddy feeding Lincoln

Beautiful, beautiful family.

Becky's family came by to meet baby Lincoln too.




I love this little puckery face!

Hes even adorable when hes grumpy

...and sleepy

I love seeing "little" Quinn with his son. Its precious and amazing and makes my heart melt.

"I don't know, Dad,. This doesn't taste very good"

Mr Lincoln Wade Green, It was pleasure to meet you. You are, by far, my favorite little nephew with the same last name as me. :D

I apologize in advance is your big cousin Kaleb clobbers you, but I give you permission to clobber him back.

I will always give you sweets and treats, let you stay up late,  and constantly take your picture.

I love you.

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Baby Lincoln | The Delivery | Birth Photography | California

Monday, July 16, 2012

Today's post is so special to us.
Late last month, Blake's brother and sister-in-law welcomed their first little baby boy into the world and I was able to capture their preparation and their first moments.

I was so excited. So happy for them and so nervous and so everything. I had been in this "place" not even a year ago and being there with Becky and Quinn brought back my feelings of anticipation and pure joy.

Though Becky's birth experience would be different from mine, in the end we'll both have little perfect Baby Greens. 

The prep room

Love the preggers bed.

Becky was ready for him
Because Baby Lincoln was breech AND an estimated 11lbs, a c-section was scheduled.
(They had great timing though, as Becky was already feeling contractions..)

Daddy Quinn and Becky's mama waited with her before the deliver.
Becky was so calm and relaxed. 

Quinn was excited.
When we arrived at the hospital we asked him how he felt...
He said "like I"m about to throw up."
(he didn't throw up.)

Then, just like that it was time.

Add caption

Here he comes!
Bottoms first.

He was so big! 

and so adorable.

He was perfect.

The entire scene was just incredible. 

It was so amazing to be able to be in the room while my little nephew was being born and my sister in was was being a complete rock star. 

Yes, I cried like a fool and I'm already so in love the little dude. 

Quinn and Becky are two seriously inspiring and wonderful people. They are going to make (read: already are) AMAZING parents. 

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