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Jules and Rick | Tea Party Bridal Shower | Backyard | Orange County | CA

Monday, July 09, 2012

Julianna's friends threw her the cutest tea party bridal shower!
Complete with tea sandwiches, adorable hats and lots of fun presents.

Hats were available to all guests as they entered the party
ALL of these tasty treats were homemade and so very delicioius

Looked even better on my plate. :D

All of the details were perfect.

brightly colored sugar for the tea

Tea to take home

ADORABLE tea cups

and all of the tea bags included images from Jules and Rick's engagement session on the tag.

Mother and niece of the bride 

Playing the "Who knows Jules best" game!

I loved the helper girls! 

As soon as Julianna was finished opening one gift, they were ready to hand her another.

The Sisters

Most of the Nieces

The cousins

the friend!

All of the hardworking ladies that put together this beautiful shower for Julianna!


  1. Love it love it! I'm so glad that you got such great pics of the food and tables before everyone was sitting at them. It really was a gorgeous, fun shower. :)

  2. So fun!!! It really was a beautiful event. You made it look even better. :)

  3. It was such a beautiful shower, with a beautiful bride-to-be! I was delighted by the food, the decore, and most of all...the people! Best wishes to you Julianna. :-)

  4. You captured all the wonderful parts of a beautiful and lovely shower given by dear, dear people. Thanks for taking the pictures, Paige. How special to have such memories of a wonderful time.

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