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$600 credit giveaway : $300 for you, $300 for a friend

Saturday, September 01, 2012

September is a wonderful month for us.

September 16 is our anniversary.
September 7 is our son's birthday.
 and September is our last truly hectic wedding month.

So to celebrate, we are throwing a giveaway for our lovely brides and her awesome

Ok, so heres how it works:

  • If you are a past/present/ or future bride of ours you're in. (meaning we have or will photograph your wedding)
  • If you are a friend of a past/present/or future bride of ours, you're in.
  • If you've seen a wedding on our blog you really love and want to enter with that bride, you're in.
  • Friends have to choose one bride to represent, no flippy floping.
  • Brides can have as many friends enter for her as she wants!
  • Just follow the directions below and in each entry option! If the directions are not followed, your entry will not count. (boo!)
  • We're doing this "goupon" style, so the giveaway is on ONLY if receive at least 100 entries (come on, thats 10 people entering using the 10 entry option. We should totally be able to do this.)

a Rafflecopter giveaway
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  1. I'm entering for me! Kristina Takahashi. You guys shot my wedding just last year and we love our pictures! =)

  2. Kristina Takahashi is the old customer i will apply for :-)

  3. I am entering for me Amy Takii

  4. I am entering for Amy Takii

  5. Sarah (Evans) Amaya is the coolest bride ever, so obviously, I'm entering for her!

  6. Anonymous9/03/2012

    I am entering for Amy Takii

  7. Sarah Amaya9/04/2012

    I am entering for myself!!! We can't wait to see our beautiful pictures!!! :D

  8. Meghann Prior9/04/2012

    I'm entering for Sarah Amaya! WOW that's weird to write

  9. Victor Amaya9/04/2012

    Yay!! Contests!! I'm here for my beautiful wife, Sarah Amaya!! :)

  10. Vincent Amaya9/04/2012

    Entering for Sarah Amaya!

  11. Neda Mae Armstrong9/04/2012

    Entering for Sarah Amaya. :-)

  12. really beautiful photos. nice photography.

  13. Denise Valladolid Harding! :)

  14. Also, love all the photos!

  15. Julie Jones9/25/2012

    I am entering for Robyn Meacham

  16. Julie Jones9/25/2012

    Wait, but I want part of the prize so am I entering for myself and for Robyn? Haha


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