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Leah and Keith | Newport Beach LDS Temple | Kiwanisland Reception

Tuesday, December 03, 2013

Leah and Keith are two stellar people. 
Down to earth, loving and so gracious.
Put that with together with Leah's incredible beauty and OF COURSE she's Miss California 2012.
Keith is one of those dashingly handsome Marines you hear about.
Yes, they're the perfect couple. 
Its disgustingly adorable

Click below to view the entire wedding!

Leah and Keith were sealed (married) in the Newport Beach LDS Temple.
Here, she and her brothers demonstrate how to properly pose for the camera.  

Note how Leah'a bridesdude tries not to steal the show... and fails.

This is probably my favorite image of the day.

Keith's tie knot made Blake very happy.

In lieu of a guest book.

love it.

Leah and Keith's reception was held at the beautiful Kiwanisland Park in Garden Grove

Leah's mom joined this amazing orchestra on the violin.
(coincidently, they donated their time and talent. And man there was a lot of talent!)

Miss California 2013 and 2012
(and their handsome escorts.) 


Congratulations and lots of love to Leah and Keith!

This little gem is a gift from Leah's peeps straight to her.

And a special shout out to Jeffrey Lin who created Leah and Keith's beautiful wedding film!


  1. I love love LOVE her color palatte!!!

  2. Beautiful, as always, Paige and Blake!

  3. What a beautiful wedding, those two are just stunning and it must have been a blast capturing their wedding. I also love your favorite photo too as well as all the funny faces that they made. So beautiful and wonderful!

  4. They are such a picturesque couple! I love how you captured them. Her dress is super pretty too. Beautiful photos!

  5. Wow, what a wedding- what a couple! I love how silly they were in so many pictures- so refreshing!

  6. These are absolutely gorgeous! Great work. :)


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