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E&E Reception | LDS Cultural Hall Reception | Mickey Mouse Ring

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Eric and Emily were Sealed and had their reception in the Kansas City, Missouri Temple. Then, on a later day, they had a second reception in Orange County - thats where we came in. 

It was the first time we shot just the reception, but it was super fast and lots of fun.

Oh yeah, Emily has a diamond Mickey Mouse ring. 
I mean, dude. 

click below to view the entire session!

We took a few moments before the reception started to get few detail and romantic shots. We had a church building parking lot to work with, but these two can be adoreable anywhere

In lue of a guest book, they that this awesome UP poster and guests could sign each little balloon.

Cultural Hall Reception decorations are some of our MOST pinned images, so we added a few extra shots for you who are interested. :D

This here, this is the best DJ we have worked with. LOVE HIM. His name is Aaron and he owns Perfect Mix DJ's

Eric and Emily played this super fun reception trivia game. 

How about one more look at the cutest ring ever? (Why? Because we love it!)


  1. What a beautiful reception and I can't believe that ring! So perfect and beautiful! Great detail and the Up poster idea is brilliant, beautiful! :)

  2. These are fantastic! You're details of ring shots are AMAZING!

  3. Wow..!! Very Nice Awesome photography.. Thanks for sharing..

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  4. Wow..Awesome Wonderful Photography.. I am very Happy to Read this post.. Great Thanks for sharing..

  5. That ring is amazing! How do you get the hidden Mickey on the inside? I just recently got engaged, but do not have a ring yet, and I would LOVE to have that for mine!

  6. That ring is amazing! How did you get the hidden Mickey on the inside? I just recently got engaged but do not have a ring yet, and I would LOVE that for mine!

  7. Lovely Great Wedding planning ideas.. Interesting Thanks


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